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About Us

We believe logos can (and should) be made good, fast, and cheap. Simply put, Affordable Logo Design provides ultra-competitive logo packages which aspire to capture -- and communicate -- the vision and message of your organization. We pride ourselves in creating contemporary designs that will prove effective in the modern business world. While other logo companies rely on clip art and stock imagery, we employ talented “design artists” who only create unique designs from scratch.

At Affordable Logo Design, we believe -- like many others -- that small businesses are like families. And, because of this conviction, we prefer to know our design artists personally, and use only in-house professionals (unlike some well-known budget companies who outsource your logo design to faceless freelancers).

We also strongly believe that good, effective design comes best from collaboration, which is why we provide not just one person, but, rather, a dynamic group of proven design artists who are fully committed to executing your vision with the right dance of creative energy and efficient, timely application. In a nutshell, you’ll be assigned a project manager, who then expertly leads and facilitates the design process for as long as it takes -- and as many revisions as it takes, at no extra charge -- to achieve your 100% Satisfaction.

We offer three, economical packages to choose from. Whereas most logo design companies provide 1 or 2 initial samples, our most basic package offers 6 initial design samples that we’ll get back to you within 48 hours! It has been our experience that a generous variety of samples are absolutely necessary to ensure the design lines up perfectly with your vision.

Our Simple Project Management System:

With 4 years in the business, and over 1500 satisfied customers, we have developed a practical, no-nonsense system to produce the highest quality, fastest turn-around on your logo:

Step 1 (Project Launch):

Gather information from you about your organization and vision, and begin analyzing.

Step 2 (Assemble Team):

A Project Manager and team of designers are selected and assembled that we believe are a good match for your needs.

Step 3 (Design Stage):

Project Manager and design artists engage in creative brainstorming. After a strategy is decided upon, task and sub-tasks are assigned and tracked. Project Manager keeps tight control of quality and progress, and updates you daily. Process is repeated until you are 100% Satisfied. That simple.

Step 4 (Closing Project):

Final draft of logo is delivered to you and approved.

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