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Frequently Asked Question

Below are some frequently asked questions in our site. If you have more specific questions you can reach us through our contact page

1) Are you available in our area and do you accept payment from us?

We are available in each and every country. We accept payment from all the countries. You can make your payment through visa, debit card, credit cards, master cards and PayPal too.

2) How many days it takes to get a full refund and do you cut off some prices?

It takes you 60 days to get a full refund and we do not cut off any prices.

3) You are not online, how can I get to you?

If we are not online. You can leave online message or you can email us at info@affordablelogodesign.us

4) I don't understand how to fill up your order form?

It is easy. Browse order form page. We have given the easy directions. You can go along with the directions and submit it. For further queries you can email us at inquiry@affordablelogodesign.us

5) What if I would like to take more than two designs for my company?

You can pay extra charges for another design and logo will be in your hands in next 24 hours.

6) What If I don't like to final files? Do I get refund then?

If you don't like the final files, we can change it for you at additional cost but we can't refund you after the final files has been received.

7) What if I found error after the final file is received?

We usually check on our designs before the final files are sent. Its client's duty to check on the files before a client selects the designs to be approved. In this case, we take additional charges to make changes after the final file has been sent.

8) What if I don't like any of initial logo designs?

We will provide you more sample designs based on to the package that you have chosen. If you don't like any of the given sample designs, we provide you redraw within next 48 hours. Usually our clients approve at least two of the logo design samples we provide and then we improve upon them.

9) How many changes may I ask for my company logo?

We provide you unlimited revisions until you would not approve your designs to be finalized. We aim to make you 100% satisfied.

10) How long does it take before I can see my samples of company designs?

It takes you 48 hrs for your sample logo's designs.

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