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Our Guarantee

We offer high quality logo design at ultra-competitive prices. We know you have many choices for logo design companies. Simply put, what distinguishes us from the rest of the pack is that we offer unlimited revisions on your logo. In other words, we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied. Noone else does this.

1. We are happy to work on your design until you are satisfied. When you “approve” the final draft of your logo design, this tells us you are 100% Satisfied, and thus are no longer eligible for the money-back guarantee.

2. If we have not heard from you for sixty days, and you have not responded to our efforts to contact you, your logo project will be closed and you will be ineligible for a refund.

3. When you choose a design package, it is only for the one company name you initially provide us with. After submitting this name to us and the design process has begun for that name, you may not change that name without paying an additional fee.

4. In the rare case that you are not 100% Satisfied and you request a refund, the act of receiving that refund waives all rights to the logo we designed for you as well as gives us complete ownership of that logo. In that case, you may not legally use the logo for any purpose and we reserve the right to provide that logo to another company.

5. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and limitations of our 100% Guarantee, please Contact Us

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