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Our Logo Design Process

With over four years experience in the business, we have developed and fine-tuned an easy, practical, 6-step design process to quickly deliver high quality logos:

Step 1: Choose a logo package and make a payment
Select premium, deluxe, or gold logo package
Jot down your contact information and design requirements into a simple form
Complete a secure, online payment
Step 2: Delivery of initial design samples
After we confirm your payment, we begin our work together
We send you the initial design samples within 48 hours
You review the samples, and let us know what you think
Step 3: Make suggestions for improvement
Review the initial design samples and choose your favorite
Send us an email indicating how you’d like the design improved (i.e., graphics, layout, text, etc.).
Step 4: Step 4: We apply your suggestions to the design
We modify the design based upon your desires and needs
We send you a new version of the logo
If needed, you suggest additional changes
We repeat this process of feedback and revision until you are 100% Satisfied
Step 5: You approve a final draft of your logo
Let us know when you are 100% Satisfied with our work
This is your final product
Step 6: Download your final logo 
We send you the final logo in a variety of formats: “ai” (Adoble Illustrator), “psd” (Photoshop-file), “gif”, “jpg”, “tiff”, and “png”.
You gain full ownership and copyright of your logo
If so inclined, we welcome any reviews and testimonials you’d like to make about your experience working with affordablelogodesign.us.